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3 Food Philosophies

The 3 philosophies detailed below are the main things I keep in mind throughout the day. They help me to eat in an environmentally conscious way while at the same time keeping me on top of my peak, performance that is.


My first philosophy introduces the idea of a food filter.

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How To Eat A Tree A Day - by Aria Zoner.

1. A Tree a Day

By learning the core principle of any philosophy, you can adapt your own unique program based on it. To do this here, explore each part of the tree. Find a few things in each category that you like, then start eating them! This list is by no means exhausted. Once you start looking at your food in this way, you'll undoubtedly find new foods to enjoy. I mean, how many edible roots, seeds, berries, etc. are there? This philosophy acts as a food filter as well. Because if it's not a root, seed, berry, etc. then you don't eat it, thus avoiding most toxins. That said, the Tree A Day goal can also boost a poor diet, just be mindful of the potential for food allergies when trying new things.

Eating the Rainbow - by Aria Zoner - The

2. Eat the Rainbow

Ultimately, health & wellness is a personal responsibility, which is why besides eating a Tree a Day, I also strive to eat a Rainbow a Day. Take a look at your daily intake of foods. Are you favoring a color? Or missing one altogether? Pigments are nutrients and when combined with the Tree a Day philosophy, makes it easy to ensure you're getting a wide spectrum of nutrition.

3. Sure Fire Nutrition

In this video, I show how nutrition is like a fire, what this means, and how it can be a gamechanger when it comes to your performance and recovery time on trail.

"After listening to a podcast from you about how to eat better on trail and the overall adventages it will bring you I haven't gone back. It's made a huge difference in my stamina/overall body feeling while hiking."  Erick 'Styles' Gaudreau

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