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The Siskiyou Peaks Trail Map - By Aria Z

FAQs - Siskiyou Peaks Trail

Get to know the Siskiyou Peaks Trail, a peakbagging adventure to the highest point in seven wilderness areas. 

How long is this trail?


448 miles


What is the longest 'waterless' alert?


9 miles. When approaching the town of McCloud.


How many resupply opportunities are there?



Are there any Farmer's Markets along this trail? 7


2 are passed en-route and 5 are held along an official resupply option.

What are the current trail tread percentages?

XC (non-maintained) = 5%

Trail = 69%

Dirt roads (open & closed) = 19%

Roads = 7%

Are there any bike-packing options?



Is this trail easy to hike?

The difficulty level of this, or any trail, has less to do with the trail itself and everything to do with having proper gear, adequate health, and backcountry navigation & survival skills. Personally, I found this trail to be harder than the Timberline Trail but easier than the Colorado Trail.

WATCH: Welcome to The Siskiyou Peaks Trail

Are permits required to hike this trail?

Yes, both to summit Mt Shasta and to BUILD A FIRE anywhere in California.

Climbing Mt Shasta requires 2 permits:

1. Wilderness Permits: A Wilderness Permit is required to enter Mt Shasta Wilderness. These are available for free en-route at both the Clear Creek Trailhead (if going Sobo) or Sand Flat Trailhead (if going NoBo); as well as in town at the Mt. Shasta City or McCloud Ranger Stations.

2. Summit Passes: A separate summit pass is also required to go above 10,000 feet. They are $25 for a 3-day pass or $30 for an annual pass and are available, self-issue, at Clear Creek and Sand Flat trailheads.


What's the current FKT (Fastest Known Time) for this trail?

26 days - set in 2013 by ARIA ZONER.

Is this really a National Recreation Trail? 

No. It's a proposal for one.

Why? Were you hoping it was?

Show your support. Sign the SPT NRT PETITION

Where can I learn more?



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