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On The Hot Springs Trail by Aria Zoner

The Hot Springs Trail

Welcome to the Hot Springs Trail, a 2,421-mile multi-sport adventure route to 100 hot spring areas. For details on this National Scenic Trail Proposal, explore below.

The Hot Springs Trail, by Aria Zoner
End of The Nevada Trail by Aria Zoner


Get to know the Hot Springs Trail, a National Scenic Trail Proposal.


Insider's Guide

Dive deeper into the Hot Springs Trail by getting my free Insider's Guide. You'll also be the first to know when an update happens to the HST in the future.

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Official Guidebooks

Stay on the Hot Springs Trail with annotated National Geographic maps and firsthand data from previous HST hikers. Thru and section guides available.

Crossroads - The Hot Springs Trail - Ari

HST Almanacs

Support the Hot Springs National Scenic Trail Proposal plus see pictures and a range of details for each of the 100 hot spring areas that are on this route.

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Trail Updates

Keep your Hot Springs Trail guidebooks up to date by checking for updates on this page.

Braving the Unknown with D.J. FreedomTra

HST Blogposts

Learn about the dangers, opportunities, and features of the Hot Springs Trail in this informative series of posts.

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Trail Ambassadors

Meet previous hikers of the Hot Springs Trail and learn from their experiences, whether they did the whole trail, or just a few miles of it.

On the Hot Springs Trail.JPG

Hot Spring Resorts

Continue making friends on the Hot Springs Trail by visiting these hot spring resorts in advance online, and signing up for their newsletters.

Aria Zoner - at Priest Falls.jpg

HST NST Petition

Become a part of history in the making, by adding your name to the Hot Springs National Scenic Trail Petition. Your sign of support is very much appreciated!

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Show your support for a Hot Springs National Scenic Trail with official HST Gear. Stickers, hats, bandanas, shirts, and more...Coming soon! 

Coming Soon!

Connecting Sacred Places with Healing Waters

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