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Whole Food Hiker - Soda Mountain - by Ar
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Upgrade Your Nutrition

To obtain calories, some hikers sacrifice their health to reach the end of a trail. Zoner on the other foot, uses long-distance hiking as a way to invest in his health, and shows you how to do the same. 

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Upgrade Your Nutrition

To fuel the journey, many hikers will accidently or intentionally eat foods that are known to feed or promote inflammation. Those who eat them thinking that hiking will nullify those effects learn the hard way that's not the case, or worse, may blame their inflammation on the hiking itself. During this upgrade, you'll learn how to avoid inflammation, toxic burden, and nutritional deficiencies, a deadly cocktail that can quickly kill a hike if not endlessly impair or greatly add discomfort to it. To get started, continue below.

"I'm sure this will undoubtedly help some with their struggle for proper nutrition."  Truckr Bob

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