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  • Aria Zoner

Thru-hiking the Arizona Trail

Have you ever taken an epic vacation, then lost all your photos of it? Well that’s exactly what happened to me after thru-hiking the Arizona Trail, in 2011. But then, just a few weeks ago, I found them – hidden in a folder I was about to delete as I was cleaning up my hard drive! As you can imagine, I was super excited at this discovery. Hiking across Arizona was not what I expected it to be. See why, in this revealing series I've put together with these Lost Files. It spans the entire trail – from Mexico to Utah.


Part 1: (Miller Peak) Mexico to Oracle

In this first video, find out why the Arizona Trail is also called the Sky Islands Trail, plus learn the importance of having Tea Tree Oil in the trail kit.


Part 2: Oracle to Mazatzal Wilderness

Watch me get lost, for real, as I make my way thru the Four Peaks Wilderness area, plus see the holy grail of Arizona springs – the Artesian Well.


Part 3: Mazatzal Wilderness to Utah

In this final part, I team up with PCT classmate C4. Together we take slack-packing to a whole new level. Go rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon, plus see close encounters with wildlife.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey on the Arizona Trail, and possibly learned a few things in the process. Despite the hardships presented in this series, thru-hiking this trail was extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

To learn more about the Arizona Trail, visit:

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What was your experience like on the AZT? Share your insights below.


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