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  • Aria Zoner

How to Stop Hiker Hunger For Good

Hiker Hunger is an issue that plagues every major long-distance trail. It’s expensive, it’s painful, and it sends people home before they've reached their goal. But is it necessary?

"These Pancakes Suck!" - Border Patrol

"At the end of the day, Hiker Hunger in my opinion is simply nutrient deficiencies being expressed. What the body is asking for is not simply more calories but something with those specific nutrients in it - and until it gets them, it will make you feel hungry, crave a certain taste, (or worse) it will bypass your hunger and start taking them from other parts of your body by order of priority." AZ


How to Stop Hiker Hunger For Good


Real Foods vs Artificial Foods

Only real foods have real nutrients in them, and this matters.

Artificial foods will oftentimes contain synthetic nutrients, because otherwise they wouldn’t have any nutrients in them at all.

What satiates Hiker Hunger is the multitudes of enzymes, minerals, and oils that are only found in real foods. These create overall health as well, which is why you may not be feeling like you're thriving out there, or are having stomach/allergy issues/unwanted weight loss.

It's not a coincidence that supplements and pharmaceutical aids are sold alongside artificial foods.

If you don't think there’s a financial connection to all of this as well, think again.

The Corporate Food Pyramid Scheme

Who benefits from eating like this? Your health and performance or the food factories, supplement companies, and pharmaceutical monopolies?


How to Stop Hiker Hunger For Good switching your thinking from Calorie Rich to Nutrient Dense. Plus, this way of eating will save the world from a whole lot of pain and proce$$ing.



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