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3 Superfoods to Get More Greens On Trail

When it comes to eating healthy – when you’re green inside, you’re clean inside. But how can you be green inside when you’re out hiking in the wilderness and there aren’t any stores around to buy anything from? Simple. With these 3 Superfoods to Get More Greens On Trail. At the end, and not to be missed, I’veincluded a Bonus Tip: How to Assimilate More Greens, just to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. 

Get More Greens On Trail with these 3 Superfoods

"These pack-friendly treats aren’t just green but are affordable, quick to prepare ahead of time, and easy to enjoy on the trail." AZ

3 Superfoods to Get More Greens On Trail

Green Superfood #1: Dehydrated Kiwi

Dried kiwis are an incredible snack when prepared correctly.

***Buyer Beware: Not all dried kiwis are the same!

Avoid foods laced with sub-ingredients like these

Organic dried kiwi can be found in health food stores or prepared at home using a dehydrator. To make your own: First, remove the peel then cut the fruit into ½” slices. Second, place the slices in a bowl then spritz with fresh lemon juice. Swirl around with a spoon to coat. Next, place the slices on an open meshed tray then put them in a dehydrator and set the temperature to 115° – overnight. When dried properly, the slices should be pliable still. In the morning, squeeze any puffy spots to make sure no juice is left. Cool to room temperature before bagging.

Once dried, these vitamin-rich green fruits can be eaten straight away or put in a resupply box to savor later.

Green Superfood #2: Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

For this snack, it’s time to think outside the produce box.

Nutrient-dense Sprouted/Dehydrated & Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Head to the bulk food bin and grab a bag of raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds. No additional steps are required before snacking but there’s plenty more that can be done with this seed to increase its nutritional value. Let's go there. Grab your cooking pot then soak the seeds overnight in water. In the morning, drain, spice, and eat them sprouted. Go one step further and dry them at 110° for a few hours to create sprouted/dehydrated pumpkin seeds which I'll coat beforehand with cashew butter and herbs then send ahead in a resupply box.

*Raw pumpkin seeds are already nutrient dense, however, they can be made more bioavailable by soaking them for 5-6 days then eating them once they’ve truly sprouted, when a taproot appears.

Just remember, sprouting foods are living foods and will keep you doing the same!

Green Superfoods #3: Superfood Powders

With Superfood Powders, a little goes a long way.

Get more greens on-trail with Superfood Powders

Dried Superfood Powders are found in the bulk food department or in convenient pre-mixed blends. Products like these allow you to get a wide variety of green foods no matter where you’re at in life. They're best added to nut butters, bar recipes, salad dressings, or protein shakes but can be sprinkled on practically anything.

Here’s a few of the most potent green Superfood Powders available:

  • Wheat Grass

  • Spirulina

  • Chlorella

  • Spinach

  • Kale

  • Nettle

Superfood Powders provide an instant nutritional boost yet are as light as a feather.

Bonus Tip: How to Assimilate More Greens

Because when you’re green inside, you’re clean inside!

Salad is traditionally served with oil for a reason

The green pigment that we see in plants and natural food sources is known as chlorophyll. This molecule allows plants to convert light into energy. However, it’s also a powerful nutrient when consumed. The secret to absorbing chlorophyll is hidden in the fact that it’s oil soluble; which is the reason salad is served with dressing. Liquid dressing can be skipped if adding-in an adequate fat source such as avocado; otherwise, carrying a small bottle of olive or coconut oil to ensure that you have enough is highly recommended.

Add a tablespoon of coconut and/or olive oil to your Superfood Shake or lightly drizzle it onto store bought or freshly harvested wild greens.

In Summary:

Get more greens on trail by eating:

  1. Dried Kiwis

  2. Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

  3. Green Superfood Powders

…and, make sure you're absorbing the oil-soluble nutrients that are contained in greens by:

BONUS TIP – Eating your greens with an oil

P.S. While you’re busy getting those greens on trail, don’t forget to eat the rest of the rainbow too!

Until next time....Aria Zoner



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