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3 Steps to Healing - How I Recovered from an ACL/MCL Knee Surgery

With more than 20,000 post-surgery miles on my knee, the question becomes not how far have I come since my surgery, but how did I do it? Learn what 3 steps I took which not only allowed me to recover from this surgery but improved my strength and quality of life in the process. Use these 3 steps to assist your own healing from a knee surgery, or any injury.

Like my surgeon, this stuff works!


Watch - 3 Steps to Healing:

How I Recovered From An ACL/MCL Knee Surgery



1. Avoid things that cause inflammation (rancid oils, preservatives, & possibly your job)

2. Add-in things that reduce inflammation (herbs, exercises, hot/cold soaks)

3. Use something as a reward to motivate you to heal (like hiking the Pacific Crest Trail)


But there was also a 4th step I took which may have been the biggest reason why I experienced such a swift and successful recovery: no pain killers!

Instead, I ate fresh pineapple and cherries, drank ginger and white willow bark tea, and used lotions with arnica and peppermint in them.

Yes, I was in a great deal of pain, but it was also a great motivator to stay off my feet and heal.

In my book, there are 2 ways you can deal with pain:

1. You can ignore the pain and numb it, but unfortunately this can lead to scaring, calcification, reinjury, and in the end - a longer recovery time and possibly more pain.

Or...2. You can recognize the pain by feeding it therapy and nutrition then honor it by giving your body time to do its thing.


I hope something like this never happens to you but if it does, doing these things should help make the pain a bit more tolerable and the recovery time, that much faster.

How do you deal with pain from injuries?

Share your recovery success story here >

Happy healing & stay tuned for new topics.



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