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Learning to Crawl on The Siskiyou Peaks Trail

A trail can improve in many ways. The English in the guidebook taking you along it is one of them. But what I thought would be child's play, turned out to be the most grueling thing I've ever done.

Image by: SWS Mountain Guides - Professional Guides for trips on Mt Shasta

Wilderness Highpoint #7

***Warning! This trail leads to places where cliffs are encountered. Whether the guidebook says to "climb steeply" or to "steeply climb" this element is not going away. To safely complete this trail, prior experience backpacking and peakbagging is highly recommended but may not be necessary if you are self-determined.

*For guided trips up Clear Creek & the West Face of Mt Shasta, visit SWS Mountain Guides.


Learning to Crawl on The Siskiyou Peaks Trail


When setting out to author a guidebook for an original adventure, I had no idea what to expect. The actual process of authoring a book was the last thing on my mind. Just throw some maps together and blah, blah, blah. Right?


As it turns out, telling someone how to safely travel across a “vast landscape that few people have ever truly explored” is a skill. And one that I had not acquired yet. But after years of trial and error I’m pleased to say that my progress is nowhere near complete but is at least noticeable.

The Original Guidebook Cover

I'm happy to announce that the guidebook you see above is no longer available. It's grown up now and looks a little different.

While some people might feel embarrassed to look back and see how primitive their once sophisticated technology has become, I realize that learning to crawl first is the only way that anyone's ever gotten anywhere, any way.

Besides, I like the feeling of upgrading. Don't you?

The New Guidebook Cover

Here's what you'll find in the new guide:

  • Insights from this year's hikers

  • Improved English for navigating

  • A new cover with a new trail name

I look forward to announcing additional trail improvements in the future and to seeing this trail thru your eyes.

R.I.P. 7 Summits of the Siskiyou Trail

Hello Siskiyou Peaks Trail


>>> To update old guidebooks, go here...

>>> To get a new one, go here...

Thanks for your support and input! Have fun out there and stay tuned for more updates.


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