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3 Effective Ways to Prevent Food Boredom

Are you tired of your food on trail? Are you looking for new ways to be creative with your resupply? Food boredom can set in when you have the same thing in every resupply box or start to rely on the same things from every town. In this post, I present 3 Effective Ways to Prevent Food Boredom which I became aware while on long-distance hikes. Each of these journeys was unique, as was the way I approached sustaining them.

Becoming a Breatharian is not an effective way to prevent Food Boredom

The 3 Effective Ways to Prevent Food Boredom detailed below can be used independently or in unison. Nowadays, when I'm out on the trail, I like to do a combination of all 3.


3 Effective Ways to Prevent Food Boredom


Option 1: Dehydrated Meals

Quinoa Soup with rehydrated veggies and curry powder

In 2006, when I set out to hike across California on the PCT, I bought an Excalibur Dehydrator and pre-made my food for the entire trip, then, with great care placed it into 20 resupply boxes which I picked up along the way.

For this style, I was mainly focused on eating combinations of lightweight dehydrated foods:

  • Homemade Granolas

  • Homemade Energy Bars

  • Homemade Fruit Leathers

  • Homemade Pasta, Rice, and Quinoa Dinners


Option 2: Whole Ingredients

Dried goji, mulberry, and strawberry with cashews and raw cacao nibs

In 2009, when I set out to hike across Utah on The Hayduke Trail, instead of dehydrating my meals I bought raw, whole ingredients and put them into separate baggies which I then put into recycled water bottles of various sizes and placed as remote caches, buried into the ground. During the journey, I would unbury them then carry my food in the same container.

For this style, I was mainly focused on eating whole ingredients which I made into meals once I was out there:

  • Raw nuts & seeds

  • Dried berries & fruits

  • Nut butters & oils

  • Green protein & superfood shake mixes

  • Spices, raw grains & dried veggies for soups


Option 3: Fresh Produce

A healthy assortment of fresh veggies

This is undoubtedly my favorite way to eat if I had to choose just one. In 2009, I thru-hiked the Colorado Trail without pre-making my food and without sending resupply boxes. Thanks to towns along the trail, I enjoyed fresh produce the entire way. On top of hiking the trail, I also summitted 11 of Colorado's famed 14’ers. It was a sweet trip, to say the least!

For this style, I was mainly focused on eating fresh produce:

  • Fresh fruits & veggies (steamed)

  • Wild-harvested berries & mushrooms

  • Salads & dressings

  • Smoothies & juices


Preventing Food Boredom...

Between preparing and dehydrating your own meals, eating it as it’s naturally presented by Mother Nature, or getting some well-crafted products from the store - you should have no problem staying ahead of food boredom.

Here's a snack I never get bored of...

Trail Fudge:

Almond butter, tahini, bee pollen, honey, black salt, cacao nibs, cacao powder, cinnamon.

Serve with:

  • Energy Bars

  • Dried Figs

  • Fresh Bananas

What keeps you from food boredom? Comment below.


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