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  • Aria Zoner

The Switch That Changes Everything

How far would you go to improve your health? The environment? Worker’s conditions? What if I showed you one thing that can do all 3, would you go there? Follow me...

Bike-packing on the Hot Springs Trail


The Switch That Changes Everything


Since hiking the PCT in 2008, I've been on the quest to discover the ultimate snack, and along the way, I’ve seen where berries come from and where berry flavoring comes from. Which begs the question...

You see, what you eat has an impact on more than just your health. It can diminish or improve the landscape, help clean or pollute groundwater, and it can affect someone’s life who’s on the other end of the supply chain growing or manufacturing that product.

The difference between eating processed and living foods can be just as profound when it comes to energy; meaning, how alert you feel and how motivated you are plus how fast you can recover after exerting yourself. Or in other words, how quickly you're able to get back up and keep going.

In short, it's possible to eat for better health, the environment's sake, or to support worker's conditions. And the best part, you can do all 3 with one bite.

The switch that changes everything

Feeling healthy and energized are good excuses to eat well, but what about maintaining an environmentally friendly diet, or boycotting products that cause cancer or other serious health issues on the production level? Do you take these into consideration when resupplying?

I hope you will after this.



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