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What is a Whole Food Hiker anyway?

It's been exactly one year today since I published my last blog post. During this time, many incredible moments, historical events, and new features to my website have occurred.

Highlights include:

New logos for my trails.

The Hot Springs Trail 2.ohh!

New Adventure Guides.

And the announcement of the first person (besides myself) to reach each of the 7 wilderness highpoints that are on The Siskiyou Peaks Trail as a continuous hike. However, a few moments after summiting that final peak, that hiker fell into a crevasse and was unable to finish the final 14 miles of the trail to Mt Shasta City, but plans to return someday.

Wilderness Within

As you can see, some things have changed, but others have stayed the same, including my philosophy as a Whole Food Hiker.

But what exactly is a Whole Food Hiker?

Is it someone who hikes on whole foods?

On the surface, yes. But to excel on the trail and in health, it takes more than that.

Receiving testimonials like this one, which I just got the other day, lets me know that my previous posts still matter.

"Carrying fresh fruits and veggies made all the difference there’s really nothing like REAL food to fuel the miles! Still grateful for the lessons you share!"  The Walking Heads

So, before letting any more time pass, I thought I'd lay out the 5 primary thought processes behind being a Whole Food Hiker, or things that differentiate a Whole Food Hiker from someone who's just randomly eating whole foods and walking.

What is a Whole Food Hiker anyway?

1. Whole Food Hikers strive to eat a Tree a Day.

2. Whole Food Hikers also eat a Rainbow a Day.

3. They understand that the food they eat comes from someplace, and that their food choices are supporting that kind of environment.

4. They have empathy for the people who are producing their food.

5. And finally, Whole Food Hikers base their diet not on a food pyramid, but a pie graph.

Beyond these 5 things, there's still a lot more to talk about, which I usually do on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

As for this blog, I may get active again someday, but for now, I'm out hiking and going big.

In the meantime, I hope you keep it #wholefoodhiker by keeping these things in mind when resupplying for your next adventure. If not for yourself, then for someone else.

Aria Zoner invites you to become a Whole Food Hiker


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