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  • Aria Zoner

How to be a Whole Food Hiker

What exactly is a Whole Food Hiker?

Someone who hikes on whole foods?

Not exactly.

Enjoying a trailside snack Whole Food Hiker style

When it comes to hiking, "Carrying fresh fruits and veggies made all the difference there’s really nothing like REAL food to fuel the miles!"  The Walking Heads

But what exactly makes someone a Whole Food Hiker?

In this post, I lay out the 5 primary thought processes of a Whole Food Hiker, or things that differentiate a Whole Food Hiker from someone who's just randomly eating whole foods and hiking.


How to be a Whole Food Hiker


1. Whole Food Hikers strive to eat a Tree a Day. This ensures you're getting a wide variety of foods and ingredients.

2. Whole Food Hikers also eat a Rainbow a Day.

3. They understand that the food they eat comes from somewhere and that their food choices are supporting that kind of environment.

4. They have empathy for the people who are producing their food.

5. And finally, Whole Food Hikers base their diet not on a food pyramid, but on a pie graph.

When it comes to selecting food, Whole Food Hikers don't stop at the calorie content. We consider its impact on our health and the planet's as well. By eating a well-balanced, mindfully selected, and nutritious diet, it's not only easier to excel on trail, but you can do so while supporting a healthier environment miles away from it. That's a win win in my eyes.

Aria Zoner invites you to become a Whole Food Hiker

How can you go beyond just eating food for energy? Use it to improve your health, support non-toxic jobs, and to reduce pollution in the environment.


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