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Superfood Powders - by Amazing Grass - A

Smoothies & Probiotics

Snacking is serious business. Whether your food's coming from a factory or a farm, it takes work to produce.

Here's a few of my favorite ways to get more involved with my food.

Part 1: Smoothies

Get involved with your food by doing as the Chinese proverb says: chop wood, carry water.


Or in our case...chop vegetables and carry superfood smoothies!

Part 2: Probiotics

In this video, learn about probiotics - tiny microorganisms that help the immune system function and aid in the overall performance of the digestive system. You'll also hear about Kimchi Chips, a tasty treat that can be sent ahead in a resupply box.

"I suffered for a decade with inflammation that I thought would eventually be the end of me, lots of Ibuprofen back then. Three months of whole foods, mostly raw and my symptoms were gone."  Peak Fusion

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