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Are you posting about your Siskiyou Peaks Trail adventures? If so, have them featured here!

Whether you've completed the whole trail, a few sections, or just started planning today, your insights and feedback are important. Designed with both challenge and reward in mind, the Siskiyou Peaks Trail is sure to generate some amazing stories.

Featured Adventures

Siskiyou Peaks Trail - by Abilene Bushon

Between Death & Butterflies

with Abilene Bushong

In 2015, I asked a question. Okay, I issued a challenge: "Who'll be the first hiker (besides myself) to reach all seven wilderness area highpoints and live to tell about it?" Well, today, I'm happy to announce that explorer ABILENE BUSHONG and her hiking partner Duncan have done just that. But here's the thing, she almost died!

To hear what happened, READ THIS.

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