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The Top 5 Foods

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo peakside as I sneak nutritional insights into my Top 5 Foods to Include; plus, to be fair I throw out my Top 5 Foods to Avoid. Watch out below!

Top 5 Foods to Include

By incorporating these 5 food groups into your diet, gaps that may be present in your nutritional foundation can be filled, making you feel fortified and renewed in the process.

Top 5 Foods to Avoid

Eat in a way that improves performance, supports non-toxic jobs, and ensures a beautiful environment for all to enjoy. This can be done with each and every bite. Here's how:

By eating the Top 5 Foods to Include, outlined above, while avoiding these Top 5 Foods to Avoid detailed in this video.

"I first heard you on the Routes Podcast while I was around Crater Lake on the PCT last year. Thank you for inspiring me to eat better! I had much more energy everyday and recovered a lot quicker. Amazing stuff!"  Ryen Hikes

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