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Trail Updates - HST

Have you been on the Hot Springs Trail recently and noticed anything worth mentioning, or perhaps spotted something in the guidebook that's missing or needs to be fixedIf so, submit your update, suggestion, or comment here.

Thanks for being a steward of this trail.

Stay up to date with The Hot Springs Trail

The Hot Springs Trail - resort closure.J

These updates are effective for guidebooks purchased before 8/15/2018

*Hot Springs Trail News - The Kernville Ranger Station Has Been Relocated:

The Kernville Ranger Station has moved and is no longer located on the trail. To get your free self-issued backcountry permits for the High Sierra Hot Springs section of the HST, head east from the Gateway Bridge. Stay on Kernville Rd for 0.2m to the junction with Sierra Way. Once you get your permits, return to the bridge. 

The new address for the Kernville Ranger Station is 11380 Kernville Rd, Kernville, CA 93238

*New Resupply Address - Cedar Grove, Kings Canyon NP (Submitted by First Quarter):

FROM NPS.GOV: The Visitor Center in Cedar Grove Village will accept packages via UPS. Pack with mice and include a "dispose by" date. 

Please label packages:

Hikers Name

C/O Cedar Grove Rangers

Cedar Grove Visitors Center

108417 Westside Drive

KCNP, CA 93633

*New Trail Segment - Mountain View Trail (Submitted by Footsteps of Freedom):

Just added to the HST, the Mountain View Trail connects the Devils Postpile National Monument entrance station to the Earthquake Fault Trailhead, eliminating the need to road walk from the entrance station to the upper Mammoth Mountain Ski Village. This new option also avoids the upper ski village altogether and skirts the Owens River Headwaters Wilderness area instead.

From the entrance station, follow the well-signed Mountain View Trail for 5 1/2 miles to Earthquake Fault. From there, cross Rte 203 and join the Downtown Trail, now reconnected with the Mammoth Walk-thru resupply option as before. In 1 3/4 miles, the Downtown Trail ends at the lower Mammoth Mountain Ski Village. 

*From Earthquake Fault to the upper ski village, a paid ticket is required to be on the Uptown or Downtown Trails.

*New Resupply Option - Mammoth Bypass:

Hikers looking to seamlessly connect the High Sierra section of the HST with the Nevada Trail now have a second option. From the Red's Meadow General Store, follow the Mammoth Pass Trail 3.7m to a trailhead at Horseshoe Lake. From the lake, a free trolley accesses downtown Mammoth and its amenities. Leaving Horseshoe Lake, follow the Mammoth Lakes Basin Path to the Twin Lakes CG and store. Here, a final trolley stop is met. Just past the store, leave the Lakes Basin Path at a junction with the Panorama Dome Trail. Follow the PDT to Old Mammoth Rd and the Mammoth Rock Trail. Follow the MRT to Sherwin Creek Rd and a reunion with the Owens Crossing section of the HST.

This option is not only shorter but it eliminates the road walk thru town while still accessing it, plus the entire upper Mammoth Lakes basin. This option is also easy to navigate as it has lots of signs with maps located along it.

*New Water Source Detail - Montgomery Creek:

Montgomery Creek, encountered just before ascending Montgomery Peak, is a seasonal creek; meaning, once the previous season's snow has melted, this creek becomes dry. Please be prepared for this possibility when leaving Benton Station.


These updates are effective for guidebooks purchased before 11/1/2017

*New Trail Segment - Section 4 of The Coast Connect Trail:

The Hooper Hill XC segment, nearing Lake Isabella, has been removed. A developed trail now connects Bodfish-Caliente Rd and Old Kern River Canyon Rd.

A new CCT Map 44 is available here.

*New Guidebook Detail - Section 4 of The Coast Connect Trail:

New map details and data points were added to the route & guidebook removing the overall XC segment classifications along Lake Isabella. Travel is now recommended...GET NEW MAPS HERE.

*New Trail Segment - Section 7 of The Nevada Trail:

The NVT no longer follows the East Humboldt Highline Trail (to Greys and Angel Lakes). Instead, it now goes over...GET ALL THE LATEST DETAILS HERE.


These updates are effective for guidebooks purchased before 10/11/2017

*New paving - Section 2 of The Nevada Trail (Submitted by Buck-30):

The Silver Peak Road, which is used to approach Alkali Hot Springs, has been paved.

(Hey, at least that means no more dust!)

*Water Source Alert - Section 4 of The Nevada Trail (Submitted by Buck-30):

"The Monitor 3 Well has been dismantled. The tank was dry!" Functionality of this well may be dependent on its need by local ranchers. Stay tuned for updates regarding this (non-vital) water source. In the meantime, don't count on using it to refill your water supply.

*Hot Springs Trail News - Café Closure (Submitted by Buck-30):

“The cafe in Hammett has closed!” The post office is still open. Additional resupplies are available in nearby Mountain Home. (See resupplies – Idaho Soaktennial Trail Section 2).

*Bike Option Update - Section 2 of The Idaho Soaktennial Trail:

After leaving Prince Albert Hot Spring, avoid a more technical section of trail by returning to the yellow cattle grate then following (gravel) Alkali Road to its eastern terminus, at a stop sign. Turn north here, onto Bennett Mountain Rd, and climb to a reunion with the ICT. (See IST map 17)

*New Water Source Listing - Section 2 of The Idaho Soaktennial Trail (Submitted by Buck-30):

Moores Spring is located 0.3m east of the High Prairie/Louse Creek Rd junction (See IST map 21)


These updates are effective for guidebooks purchased before 7/23/2017

*New Reroute - Secret Pass, Nevada: NEW MAPS & DETAILS HERE

*New Rafting Option - on The Idaho Soaktennial Trail:

Advanced level-only water-travel is possible between Murphy Hot Springs (from mile 2) & Indian Bathtub (mile 91.7) following the Jarbridge then Bruneau Rivers. Free self-issued permits, available at the put-in site, are required. Sub-10ft, inflatable (non-motorized) boats are exempt from the otherwise required Idaho Invasive Species Fund sticker.

*New Bike Alert - on The Idaho Soaktennial Trail:

Effective Miles 77.3 – 80: Bikes must be carried, from rim to rim, as you travel on the Roberson Trail thru the Bruneau-Jarbridge Wilderness. This canyon crossing is a short-but-sweet carry. Signs on both sides acknowledge the start of the wilderness. The trail here is in great shape and utilizes switchbacks to reach a shallow gravel bar crossing of the Bruneau River, a glorious soak and camp.

*New Resupply Drop location - on The Idaho Soaktennial Trail (Submitted by Buck-30):

10m (by Highway 12 East) from the end/start of IST Sections 7 & 8.

Send packages: C/O Lochsa Lodge

                              115 Powell Rd

                              Lolo, MT 59847

*Hot Springs Trail News - Motel Fire (Submitted by Buck-30):

“The Lookout Motel (in Mullan) has burned to the ground..." leaving Mullan motel-less! Thankfully, lodging is available in nearby Wallace. (See resupplies – Idaho Soaktennial Trail Section 10)



This update is effective for guidebooks purchased before 6/30/2017

*New hours for the Austin, NV Post Office: Open M-F only from 10am-1pm, 1:30pm-4:30pm


This update is effective for guidebooks purchased before 6/6/2017

*New trail work completed along The High Sierra Hot Springs Trail:

The Redrock Creek Trail - connecting Jordon Hot Springs to Redrocks Meadows - was recently cleared and is hike-able again. Use this trail to bypass River Spring and the Blackrock Station TH and save 5 miles in the process! *See HSHST Maps 12 & 14.


These updates are effective for guidebooks purchased before 5/22/2017

The Coast Connect Trail Section 2: From Ojai to I-5

*New Warning Listed at Ant Camp, Mile Point 101 (Submitted by Steady):

Flash Flood Alert: The next 2 segments are lightly traveled but essentially trail-less. Along them you will be walking directly in the bed of a major drainage that has signs of flash flooding. Camping is not recommended between Ant Camp and Log Cabin Camp.

*New Alert Listed at Log Cabin Camp, Mile Point 116 (Submitted by Footsteps of Freedom):

Gaiter Alert: Burrs in your socks can be an issue in this area.

*New Campsite Listings along Alder Creek and at Dough Flat:


*Mile Point (92.6) now reads:

(92.6) 1.4m Alder Crk Tr : Proceed east. Cross Alder Creek twice before arriving to a 3rd trailside Alder Creek Camp. Continue upstream. The trail begins using the creek bed briefly, which is dry now, then climbs out and soon reaches a junction.

*Mile Point (101) to (113.6) now reads:

(101) 3.5m XC/Agua Blanca TR Head southeast to the creek then thru a grassy field. In ~0.3, reach the creek. *XC from here, remaining in the creek where necessary. Eventually the canyon bends sharply to the south then reaches Big Narrows.


(104.5) 3.5m XC/Agua Blanca TR Go thru Big Narrows. Proceed downstream. Pass unseen Cove Camp. Reach a junction just before entering Devils Gateway. *A trail, south, leads 0.05 to Log Cabin Campsite. Go north. Cross the creek again in 0.1m.


(108) 5.6m Pothole Spring TR *Avoid the lower Agua Blanca Trail. From the gateway, follow a defined trail which climbs past Pothole Spring. Go over a ridge then descend to a trailhead, at closed FSR 4N13. *Alert: No camping for the next 2.5m.


New Resupply Resources for The Hot Springs Trail:


*Along The Coast Connect Trail - Section 2 - From Mile Point (126.1) (Submitted by Buck-30):

Contact Uber to secure a ride to and from Castiac - to resupply, shade-over, and shorten the current waterless alert.


1. (0.1m) from CCT Mile 2.8 - Montecito Farmer's Market: 1100 Coast Village Rd. 0.1m east of Vons. Held year-round. Fridays, from 8am-11:15am.

2. From CCT Mile 202.8 or 211.1 - Tehachapi Farmer's Market: Held May 4th-Aug 17th. Thursdays, from 4-8pm. Located on Green St, downtown.

3. Kernville Farmer's Market: Held in downtown Kernville. Visible from Gateway Bridge. Saturdays, from 8am-1pm.

Along The High Sierra Hot Springs Trail - From Roads End:

*New Resupply Option from Cedar Grove (Submitted by Bernie Krausse):

The road to Cedar Grove, beyond it, passes by Grant Grove, a second full-service National Park village.

Send packages: C/O General Delivery to Kings Canyon NP, CA 93633

*New XC Detour along The Owens Crossing – From Mile Point (20.1) (Submitted by Bernie Krausse):

Owens River XC Detour: Utilize Benton Crossing Rd to connect (20.1) to (24.8). Passes by a campground with store, café, and hot showers. Visit:

*New Farmer's Market Along The Nevada Trail:


(11.2m) from NVT Mile 441.3 - Lamoille Farmer's Market: July 8th-Nov 11th. Sat, from 8am-12pm.



Poison Oak Update – 5/20/2017: After a tip was received (Submitted by Rockin’), Section 2 was checked first-hand and cleared of poison oak. Although there is still plenty of it to be found alongside the trail, none of it is hanging directly over the trail or blocking progress. Reports from recent hikers is that section 1 is in the same (poison-free) passable condition – if cautious.



These updates are effective for guidebooks purchased before 1/19/2017

*New website URLs for these resorts:

Benton Hot Springs Resort, CA: (Use to book a site. #3 is my favorite!)

Hot Springs Ranch, NV: (Contact before arriving.)

Red River Hot Springs Resort, ID:

*New maps have been issued for the Wells, NV Bike Option:



This update is effective for guidebooks purchased before 1/07/2017

*New trail segment along The Coast Connect Trail:

Section 2: From Devils Gateway, the HST now follows Pothole Spring Trail to Piru Creek.


5.6m - From Devils Gateway, avoid the lower Agua Blanca Trail and follow a defined trail which climbs past Pothole Spring. Go over a ridge then descend to a trailhead, at closed FSR 4N13. *Alert: No camping for the next 2.5m.


(113.6) 0.8m DR Follow a closed road north along Piru Creek to the first junction on the right. Leave the main road now and take the lesser jeep track to the right. *Avoid the main road, which meets the (Closed) NFS Blue Point Campground in 0.3m.

Continue now from mile point 114.4, at Piru Creek crossing.



This update is effective for guidebooks purchased before 12/19/2016

*New hot spring feature along The Idaho Soaktennial Trail:

Located just 0.4m north of a junction that is met at mile point 95.1 of the IST is Pence Hot Spring. Originally, Pence was not included in the guidebook because it's on private land and off-limits to use but has now been added due to another feature, which is the neighboring Hot Springs Cemetery. To continue, return to the junction then head south.


This update is effective for guidebooks purchased before 12/09/2016


*New hot springs retreat along The Coast Connect Trail:


Matilija Hot Springs, located at mile 49.1 of the Coast Connect Trail, is a wild hot spring that may be closed for use at your arrival. Located on the same property is the Ojai Hot Springs, a private hot springs retreat. Known simply as Ecotopia, this fertile land is also home to a large community garden. For more details, visit:


These updates are effective for guidebooks purchased before 10/01/2016


*New High-water Alternate - Mile 36.1 of The High Sierra Hot Springs Trail


If the Kern River is too high to cross here, take Rattlesnake Trail instead. Climb briefly then return to the riverside on it. (New Directions) In 0.8m leave Rattlesnake Trail then continue upstream along the Kern River XC, passing 2 campsites. In 0.5m, make a brief Class 3 scramble over a small cliff band, then pass a 3rd site. Shortly afterwards, surpass a talus field before making a crossing of Rattlesnake Creek. (Cross Rattlesnake where you first encounter it, or 1/4m upstream.) From there, continue XC upstream along the Kern River while utilizing game and fisherman trails. Pass by Wheelan Camp then rejoin a maintained trail after crossing Soda and Osa Creeks. Continue upstream until rejoining the River Trail, at a signed junction near a footbridge over the Kern. (Avoid the bridge and continue upstream.)

*New High-water Alternate - Mile 152.5 of The High Sierra Hot Springs Trail:

*(31.5m) Muir Piggy Back: If you’re unable to cross the Middle Fork Kings River here due to high river levels, try again in Simpson Meadows (proper) or continue upstream on Kings River Trail for 8m to the PCT. To reach the PCT however, you may need to hike XC up Palisade Creek ~0.3m to find a safer crossing of it. Take the PCT now for 23.5m, going over Muir Pass, then reunite with the HST at Mile 206.4. Although well-traveled and signed, additional maps may be necessary in order to safely make it thru this option.

*New resupplies along The Idaho Soaktennial Trail:


IST Mile 161 – *(27m) To Mountian Home, via Hwy 20. Hitch west here to reach.

IST Mile 315.3 – Pass by Big Smoky Store. Electricity and limited snack foods.

(New segment, update coming soon) IST Mile 530.8 – Pass by the Flying B Ranch. Visit us for snacks, meals & ice cream!

(Old) IST Mile 725.3 is now Mile 775.9 - *(55m) Kooskia: To reach a grocery store from here, descend west 5m to the Wilderness Gateway TH then hitch west on Hwy 12.


From the start of IST Section 8, Warm Springs Trailhead - *(10m) to Lochsa Lodge - via Hwy 12 E: Small general store and generous restaurant with to-go food, Wi-Fi, and outlets.


(Old IST Mile 888) is now Mile 943.9 - *(5m) Lookout Pass: To reach a year-round lodge with hot food, to-go snacks, warmth, and electricity – descend to FSR 4208 then follow it north for ~2m to the Lookout Pass ski area. To return to the trail, continue paralleling I-90 on gravel 4208, directly to the Stevens Lake TH. *Cross water and camps often on the way. You can also use this option to avoid the upcoming Stevens Lake XC.


This update is effective for guidebooks purchased before 3/24/2016

*Route change - Owens Crossing mile 49.8 (XXC):


Avoid the north face of Montgomery Pk and continue up the west ridge to its summit instead. This is the new Highest Point on The Hot Springs Trail, at 13,447ft. From the summit, descend the north ridge for 0.3m - going directly past Mile 0 of the Nevada Trial - then attain Boundary Pk.



This update is effective for The Coast Connect Trail as of 3/12/2016


*Resupply update - Ralph's Grocery, in Castiac, CA has moved. Guidebook (p. 51) now reads:


*(10m) Castaic - via I-5 from Mile (128.1) – Halsey Cyn Rd, Exit 173: Hitch from the exit ramp to reach Ralph’s Grocery, hotels, water, and other services - located just off the Exit 173 ramp, in Castiac.



These updates are effective for guidebooks purchased before 12/28/2015


*New edit for The Owens Crossing, should read:


(24.2) 0.6m XC Proceed north, XC, until joining FSR 3S148.


(24.8) 3m FSR 3S18 Follow this gravel road, passing a Forest Service Boundary mid-way, to an unmarked intersection.



*New Library hours for Silver Peak, NV: Open Tuesday, 1pm-8pm/W-Sat, 11am-5pm


*New guidebook addition - Farmer's Markets:


Mile 0 - Santa Barbara Farmer's Market: Located just moments away, on State St. Held year-round. Tuesdays, from 4pm-7:30pm.


(2m) from CCT Mile 55.3 - Ojai Farmer's Market: Next to Rainbow Bridge Natural Food Store. Held year-round. Sundays, from 9am-1pm.


(0.2m) From CCT Mile 302.3 - Wofford Heights Farmer's Market: Located 1m N of the Wofford Heights P.O. Held at the Lakeshore Lodge, year-round. Saturdays, from 9am-1pm.


Inyo Crossing Mile 4.5 - Mammoth Farmer's Market: Held July-Sept. Wednesdays, from 4-7pm.

From Mammoth or Benton - Bishop Farmer’s Market: Go south on Hwy 395, by bus or hitch, to Church St. Turn west onto it and go 1 block. Held July-Oct. Saturdays, from 9am-12pm.


NVT Mile 89.5 - Tonopah Farmer's Market: Held July 21st-Sept 29th. Mondays, from 4pm-dusk.


NVT Mile 309.5 - Eureka Farmer's Market: Held Aug 3rd-Sept 28th. Thursdays, from 4-6pm.


(20m) from Lamoille - Elko Farmer’s Market: Hitch to access. Held at Hwy 227 & Commercial. Y/R (Sat, 8am-12pm)

(17m) from IST Mile 120.7 or (27m) from Mile 161 - Mountain Home Farmer's Market: Located in Railroad Park, downtown. Hitch west on Old Hwy 30 or Hwy 20 to access. Held May 7th-Oct 29th. Saturdays, from 8am-12pm.


(34m) from IST Mile 349.7 - Ketchum Farmer's Market: Located at East Ave & 4th St, next to Atkinson Market. Hitch to access. Held June-Oct. Tues, from 2pm-6pm.


(36m) from Lolo Hot Springs - Missoula Farmer's Market: Located in Circle Square, on the north end of Higgins Ave. Hitch to access. Held May 6th-Oct 28th on Saturdays, from 8am-1pm; and July 4th-Oct 26th on Tuesdays, from 5:30-7pm.


(26m) from IST Mile 978.8 or (12m) from Mile 1029.5 - Sandpoint Farmer's Market: Held at Farmin Park, 3rd and Oak St. Hitch to access. This market runs May-Oct. On Wednesdays, from 3-5:30pm; and Saturdays, from 9am-1pm


That's all for now.


Happy hiking!

Trail Updates for The Hot Springs Trail

Replacement Policy

NOTICE: Updates and improvements are continually being made to The Hot Springs Trail Official Guidebooks. Please understand, there are no refunds given or replacements made on previously purchased versions when a new edition comes out.


Thanks for understanding and enjoy the trail!

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