The Adventure Catalogue - by Aria Zoner.

The Adventure Catalogue

Introducing The Adventure Catalogue, a collection of Trail Journals from Aria Zoner, a dually-certified Health Counselor & Whole Food Nutrition Coach.



"The long-distance hikes described ahead were originally taken as a form of wilderness therapy; however, once out there something else happened. They became a new way to travel, a way that is both challenging and rewarding. I also discovered these trips are an excellent way to meet people, the likes of which I could have never predicted in advance."

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  • Insights from 10 long-distance hikes

  • Loaded with tips for each trail

  • Food Strategies & Food Lists

  • Alternative Approaches & Options

Proceeds from this book directly support The Hot Springs & Siskiyou Peaks National Trail Proposals.

The Adventure Catalogue

A collection of Journals from the...

More than 10 Years & 10,000 Miles in the Making