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Are you posting about your Hot Springs Trail adventures? If so, have them featured here!

Whether you've completed the whole trail, a few sections, or just started planning today, your insights and feedback are important. Designed with both challenge and reward in mind, the Hot Springs Trail is sure to generate some unforgettable stories.

Featured Adventures

Buck-30 - Spencer.jpg

Thoughts from the Wayside

with Buck-30

In 2017, travel plans were disrupted on the HST and many other trails due to a late-season snowpack which had made stream crossings swollen and unmanageable. Despite the forecast and possibility of having to turn back, Buck-30 set out. He's also known to have hiked more miles on Little Debbie snack cakes than anyone in the world! READ HIS TRAIL JOURNAL HERE.

Drew Dreams Reams.jpg

Lessons from the Sierra

with Dreams

In July of 2015, Drew Reams became the first person to complete The High Sierra Hot Springs section of the HST. READ ABOUT HIS HIKE HERE. Furthermore, to ring in the New Year, 2017, Dreams also completed a southbound hike on the southern end of The Coast Connect Trail. See a PHOTO ALBUM OF HIS HIKE HERE.

D.j. FreedomTrain Hennes.jpg

A Step Ahead of the Rest

with DJ Freedom

Mammoth radio host DJ Freedom knows how to get the party started. Besides living on trail he began the HOT SPRINGS TRAIL FACEBOOK GROUP which is "For anyone interested in hiking, soaking, and learning more about the HST in 2017." Hear about his upcoming hike at FOOTSTEPS OF FREEDOM.

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