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Aria Zoner on The Summit Fever Podcast

Located between Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, was Summit Sunday, where hikers, climbers, runners, and peak-baggers took to the hills - many with a podcast or their favorite music playing. In honor of this, Episode 16 of the Summit Fever Podcast dropped, featuring Aria Zoner, and his two National Trail proposals.

Come for the trails, stay for the food!

In this interview, Summit Fever host Mike Burke and I talk about what it's taken to create a long-distance trail that others can follow, plus how I survive journeys of this magnitude.

Watch: Episode 16 - Summit Fever Podcast

You'll also hear:

How'd I get into summits in the first place?

What do I eat during these kind of adventures?

What are some things people should know if attempting to journey on The Hot Springs Trail or The Siskiyou Peaks Trail?

While you're over at Summit Fever Podcast, make sure to check out his other episodes; plus, stay tuned for future ones.

I hope you enjoy this interview, plus walk away with some new ideas regarding your food for the trail.

Signing-off from the Recess Cave, and wishing you a happy holidays!

Aria Zoner


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