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These updates are effective for guidebooks purchased before 11/01/2017

*New Reroute on The Coast Connect Trail - Section 4:

The Hooper Hill XC segment has been removed due to a new trail that has been built. To download the new CCT Map 44, see below.

*New Reroute on The Coast Connect Trail - Section 4:

XC segments which were previously used in the guidebooks have been removed in favor of the following entries:

From the Lake Isabella dam, data now reads...

(293.5) 3m DR/XC/DR Go along the edge of the lake on a dirt road. In 0.5m, pass by the French Gulch Marina then go XC on the rocky shoreline, to a bridge. Go under it then cross French Gulch. A trail leads up to French Culch CG ($25/night). Pass by the Piute Nuui Cunni Interpretive Center then follow a jeep road from it, 1.4m, to the Boulder Gulch CG ($25/night). Skirt Hwy 155 on a jeep road, on the upper side of the BG CG, then join the Hwy.

(296.5) 2m Rte 155 Avoid private property. Follow Rte 155 into Wofford Heights. Enter Tillie Creek CG. ($25/night) *The post office is on Rte 155, 0.05m past the Tillie Creek CG turnoff.


(298.5) 2.8m DR From the entrance station, go right. Pass by the Amphitheater parking. Cross a spillway then go thru a closed section of the CG. In 0.1m, go right - at site 113 - then in another 0.05m leave the camp’s perimeter road, at site 118. Follow a sandy road 0.4m to Wofford Heights Park (visible). *This park has tables, playgrounds, and restrooms with water. The Mt. N. Lake Motel is across the street. Turn right onto E Evans Rd and go 0.3m. The blacktop ends here but the road keeps going. *Go right here to visit 3 Crosses. Go left then travel above a fenced-in maintenance shack. 0.4m from the shack, the Lakeshore Lodge is accessible. *Look for the bucket-lift trucks. 0.6m past Lakeshore Lodge, stealth camping options end. Pass by a large foundation ruin then join a road, which becomes paved. Climb on it to Rte 155. Join Old Cemetery Road 25S44 and follow it to the cemetery.


(301.3) 2.5m DR/Rte 155 *Kern River can be accessed from the cemetery. From old Kern Valley Cemetery, climb to Rte 155, cross it, then follow a dirt road which parallels it. Proceed to a right-hand turn onto Kern River Rd. Pass thru the lovely Riverside Park then reach a large bridge, known as the Gateway to the Sierras, in downtown Kernville.


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