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3 Hydration Hacks to Have More Flow

In this case, hydration is not about drinking water until you pee clear, it’s about being in the flow with water. By embodying not just the physical but the metaphysical aspects of water, as Bruce Lee once famously implied you can become it – on a much deeper level. I know this may sound heavy and like a lot of woo-woo at first but the funny thing is that with these 3 Hydration Hacks to Have More Flow, you'll wind up feeling lighter in the end. Wu-hah!

Coyote Summit Spring – on The Nevada Trail

"Water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend." Bruce Lee


3 Hydration Hacks to Have More Flow


Hydration Hacks #1: Stormy Seas

Our bodies are more than 50% water. But unlike the fresh water that we drink, inside it’s like an ocean. Along with water, we need to consume salt.

HowStuffWorks has reported “Too little or too much wreaks havoc in our bodies. For humans, that magic number is 9. That’s the salinity, or the weight in grams of salt dissolved in 1,000 grams of water, of human blood. This means that every 1,000 grams of fluid contains 9 grams of salt and 991 grams of water. In medicine, fluids that have the same salinity as blood are referred to as isotonic. When we consume too much salt, we excrete the excess in our urine to keep our bodily fluids isotonic. Saltwater is a hypertonic fluid, or one that contains more salt than human blood, and it has a salinity of 35.”

Even though our internal ocean is much less saline than the external ones, barnacles can still build-up – manifesting as Calcification. These barnacles and their cohorts must be broken up and removed from the body, or they will build to the point of essentially forming a corral reef (Arthritis, kidney stones, clogging of the arteries, and worse).

The Stormy Seas Hydration Hack is about getting to the surface areas that line your joints, organs, and cell walls. Scrub the piers sort-of-speak (by moving your bones) until you’re sweating or your blood's pumping.

Here’s a few low impact ways to induce Stormy Seas in your internal ocean quickly:

  • Yoga

  • Dancing

  • Tumbling 

  • Hiking

When dynamic movements like these are combined with massage, hot & cold soaks, brief inversions, and fresh spring water (with a pinch of sea salt) fluidity can be enjoyed until much later in life, giving you more time to express your flow.

Aria Zoner finds his flow while hiking the ICT and other long-distance trails

Metaphysically:“The sea is capable of production, but must come under the dominion of the formative power of mind, the imagination.”

In Other Words: The byproduct of hydration is barnacles. Our goal is to get creative regarding how we’re going to prevent them from building-up.


Hydration Hacks #2: Living Foods

Living Foods: Foods that are enzymatically active at their time of consumption

Dissolve calcification with grace and ease while simultaneously feeding yourself key electrolytes, vitamins, and mineral-rich foods. In my opinion, it’s the living aspect of food that keeps you living. Flow, nutritionally speaking, to me means polysaccharides, vitamin C, and a complete avoidance of manufacturing salts and preservatives (Sodium Nitrates, Benzoates, Sorbates and practically every other ingredient ending in …ate). Known as toxic salts, these “…ate” ingredients typically kill the living aspect of food (to preserve the product) but in the long-run, like calcification, they can make you feel tight and restricted. This is because they gather in your joints and are feeding the barnacles. Flush your system in a gentle, continuous way by including living foods in your diet.

Here’s a few living foods that are unuaually hydrating and barnacle busting:

  • Cucumber

  • Aloe Vera

  • Lemon Juice

  • Melons

Living Foods Are Virtually Limitless

You work hard to get to the places you go to. Why not at least enjoy dinner when you get there?

Metaphysically: “When we get discouraged or disappointed and “give up,” the undertow of life sweeps this flood of negative thought over us, and we are conscious of bodily weakness of some sort. Then, if we get scared, there is trouble ahead. When we know the Truth, and “brace up,” however, the waters are confined to their natural channels again and our strength is restored.”

In Other Words: Without strong roots you cannot yield strong fruits. Being in the Flow means having faith in your overall mission, living with your long-term goal always in sight, and realizing that all you'll ever have is today. The fruits of your labor you must take time to both enjoy and resow.


Hydration Hacks #3: The Power of Effervescence

Like our body in the ocean, our spirit is more buoyant when hydrated. In this video, I share a new way to quench your thirst after a big day of living in the flow.

WATCH: The Power of Effervescence

These self-dissolving tablets make the perfect end-of-the-day drink to sip on!

Metaphysically: “Faith necessary to accomplish so great a work comes from understanding.”

In Other Words: Hydration is not the gauge, it’s the engagement.


In Summary:

Stay Hydrated and Have More Flow in Life by:

  1. Moving your bones to prevent Barnacles

  2. Incorporating Living Foods into your diet

  3. Enjoying an effervescent drink as an occasional pick-me-up

*Metaphysical Quotes used in this post can be found at: Truth Unity.



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